The Jackson County Board of County Commissioners has directed our office to conduct an  election to decide whether intoxicating liquors,
 wines, or beer shall be sold by the drink for  consumption on premises.  This election will be held on November 14, and it will be a
mail-ballot election. This means that every voter registered no later than October 16 will be mailed a ballot on or around October 25, and
 that all voted ballots must be received in our office no later than 7 pm  on  November 14.
(You will not go to your precinct or an early voting site to vote.)

 To ensure that  you  receive your ballot, it is vitally important that we have your correct address on file.    

Click the links below to verify your registration status, check your address, or register to vote.   

Call our office at  (850) 482-9652 if you have any questions.

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