2018 Constitutional Amendment and Revision Information

On April 16, the Florida Constitution Review Commission approved the final revisions for this year's election.  

There will be eight Constitutional revision items on the November 6 General Election ballot.  

In addition to the eight proposed Constitutional revisions, there were a total of three proposed Constitutional amendments passed by House Joint Resolution in the Legislature, and two citizen initiatives gained enough petition signatures to make the ballot as well.  

To view the proposed Constitutional revisions and amendments, follow these steps:

1.) Click here to access the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections Initiatives/Amendments/Revisions database.

2.) At the top of the Initiatives/Amendments/Revisions database page, choose 2018 as the Year and activate the checkbox next to "Made Ballot."

3.) Click Run Query.


With 13 proposed revisions and amendments on the General Election ballot, as well as candidates for several offices, the November ballot promises to be a long one.  

Know before you go--study the proposed changes before you go to an Early Voting site or Election Day precinct, or vote from the comfort and privacy of your own home by requesting a vote by mail ballot! 

Click here to complete an online request, or call our office at (850)482-9652.

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